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Eye n Ear Care Centre

  • Adress: 19-B Kwality Tower, Rajpur Road, Dehradun.
  • Contact Person:
  • Contact No: 0135-3294883, 9219447894
  • Services: We offer Tailor Made Solutions for your hearing difficulties.Types of Hearing Aids we provide.
    *IICs (Invisible in the Canal) Hearing Aids.
    *CICs (Completely in the Canal) Hearing Aids.
    *ITCs (In The Canal) Hearing Aids.
    *BTEs (Behind The Ear) Hearing Aids.
    *Digital Hearing System
    *Semi Digital/Trimmer Based Hearing aid
    *Open Fit ( RIC ).
    *Pocket/Body level hearing aids.
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Nav Jyoti Eye Hospital

  • Adress: Haridwar Road, Nehru Colony, Dehradun.
  • Contact Person:
  • Contact No: 9997975010, 9198900638
  • Services: 1) Maximum number of lasik.
    2) Most experience sergeon.
    3) First-150Hz femto of UP & UK.
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